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    • Adopt A Building Program

    • Adopt-a-Building on the Panorama of the City of New York.

      Click here to Adopt Your Building Today. Your donation will support the ongoing care and maintenance of The Panorama of the City of New York. Please note you must purchase by Friday, December 12th at 9am with expedited shipping to receive in time for the holidays

      Suggested donation levels range from $50 to “purchase” an apartment to $1,000 for a small commercial building, low-rise apartment building, or warehouse. Donors will receive a title deed in exchange for their purchase.

      As part of the Adopt-A-Building program, we are collecting your New York Stories! We would love to hear your New York story in connection to your purchase.  We have been receiving interesting anecdotes from New Yorkers all over the country and the world. We may link your story on our social media and website. You can enter your story into the Adopt-a-Building form as your make your purchase.

      ***It is our mandate to maintain the architectural integrity of the model. Generic buildings (i.e. homes, brownstones, housing projects, schools, etc.), will remain as they are. Individual buildings will not be altered to reflect specific changes (i.e. Additions, renovations, building color, etc.)

      For information on Panorama sponsorships, please contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Debra Wimpfheimer at 718.592.9700 x141 or

      Click here to Adopt Your Building Today.

      Adopt-A-Building Supporters

      $2,500 +
      Battery Park City Authority
      New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City
      Richard Jacobs and Susan K. Freedman
      Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation
      Jack and Dorothy Kupferberg Family Foundation
      Michael Mattone
      The New York Mets Foundation
      Radii Inc.
      $1,000 – $2,499
      Robert Huxley
      Robert Levine
      Walter Ziegler
      $500 – $999
      Lisa Ackerman
      Berkeley Carroll School
      Mary Lynn Blanks
      Judith Bodie
      Vaughn College Community of Students, Faculty, Staff and Board of Trustees
      New York Sports League Eastern New York Soccer Association
      The Garcia Family in memory of Jane Hegener
      Team System Corporation
      Caroline Kerpen
      Marymount School of New York
      PTA of PS/IS 49Q
      Varoon Persad
      PS/IS 178 – The Holliswood School
      Nilesh Shah
      Ruth Hochmann-Sohn C.P.A.
      $250 – $499
      Lou Acquavita
      Daniel Arking
      Joan Barnes
      Lisa Bevilaqua
      Home of Beatrice Christie Bowen Hanst
      Kathryn M Brand
      Wanda Chin and Michael Danowski
      Stephanie Ciavarella
      Monte Cicino
      Steven B. Cohen/Andrea Harris Cohen
      Lisa DeBenedittis
      Mia deBethune Wetherell
      The Department of Cultural Affairs Capital Unit in honor of Kate D. Levin
      Jerry Doherty
      Christine Douglas
      Laura Dunphy and Michael Erlinger
      Peter Eckert
      Sarah Sim Erwin
      Gangloff Family
      Mark Gold
      Susan Good & Patrick Carmosino
      The Goyanes Family
      William, Robert & Eric Hafker
      Laura Hansen
      Katie Honan
      Jen Kwok & Thomas Huth
      Micro Museum
      Andrew Levine
      Perry-Lynn Moffit and Edward Rogoff
      Ruth Morgan
      Al from Astoria
      The Himmel Clan
      Kenneth Patrocca
      Chief Pazzuti
      Eileen Pfreundschuh
      Hannah Rawe
      Susan and Martin Seinfeld
      Mr. Carl & Ms. Gerry Lipshutz
      The Ritchie Family
      The Silverman Family
      Eileen Skuse
      Sabina Steiner and Michael Davidson
      David Taylor
      The Teti Family
      Bethene Trexel
      Jennifer Upchurch
      George Vescey
      Christophe Wagner
      Rachel Weingeist
      The Silver Family
      Sarah Wyss Bremer
      $100 – $249
      Bar Pitti
      David Baron
      Richard and Kara Berlin
      John Bilello
      Paul Brennan
      Monte Cicino
      Adrian Cockerill
      Kathleen Davis
      Esther Feigenbaum
      Cesar Fuentes
      Gaby Giangola
      Gail Gremse
      Jean Grenning
      Owen Gutfreund
      Joshua Harrison
      Marylyn Harvey
      David Heitner
      Jamaica High Alumni Association
      Bill Kasuli
      Rachel Linhart
      Pamela Lombardi
      Rose and Michael Magnotti
      Susanne Marchetti
      Andrea Mauro
      Nuccia e Alfonso Menada
      Lisa Moran
      David Newman
      Liz and Sean O’Brien
      Susann Rutledge
      Elizabeth Schorr
      Barbara and Arthur Singer
      Alan Thompson
      Victor Trager
      Debby Troy
      $50 – $99
      Rachel Abrams
      Lee Abramsohn
      Carole Abramson
      Melissa Ahart
      Dohra Ahmad
      Tim Aitchison
      Adolph D. Alberici, Sr. & Madeline E. Alberici
      Meredith Altman and Emily Rosenthal
      Lina Amador
      Shaelyn Amaio & Evan Parzych
      Adriadne Ansbro
      Michael and Jacqueline Antonoff
      Tara Apley
      Mikaila M. L. Arthur
      Caron Atlas
      Jamie Auriemma and Ned Milligan
      Michael Baffico
      Jackeline Bancayan
      The Barbers
      Kerry Bishe
      Kate Blumm
      Noelle M. Boddewyn
      Lisa, Matt and Yin
      Christopher Brady
      Andrea S. Brecker
      Susan Brenna
      Sophie and Neil Brook
      Joe Binotti Cannizzaro
      The Cantler Family
      Jonathan Carey and Christine FiztGerald
      Joanne Cassullo
      Erica Charpentier & Mike McGuirk
      Jean Chen
      Deepak Chetty & Adrianna Gerbig
      Kellie Clancy
      Adrian & Michelle Clarke
      Tom Walsh and Billie Cohen
      Julia R. Cohen & Randi Solomon
      Jack A. Cohn
      Caitlin Conley
      Mary Ellen Cook
      Diana Corbat
      Olivia Cothren
      Tim and Lida Covell
      Brianna Covell
      Catherine Daab
      Edward Dauginas
      Karen Davidson
      Andrea DeAngelis & Mark Purnell
      Dennis Debellis
      Dana Delger
      Susan R. Delvalle
      Diana DeSimpliciis
      M and W
      Alice Diaz
      Alan, Laurie & Aliza Dien Yaillen
      Melissa Diener and Curtis Meade
      Miranda Dillworth
      Jerry Doherty
      Anne Dowling
      Anya Raley
      Steven and Candice Dubensky
      Elizabeth Pozen
      Jo Carole Lauder
      Paul Embly
      Mr. Aaron Eng-Achson & Class 2-311
      Ivan Espinoza
      Gayle Katzman & Bill Estes
      Richard and Caroline Fabre
      Esther Feigenbaum
      Susan Feigenbaum
      Matt and Bree Ferrin
      Emma Fingleton
      Jennifer Flagg
      Deborah Lynn Flores
      Mark Foggin
      Stuart Fox
      Diana Frame
      Christopher Ozard
      Jeffrey Freedman
      David Freudenthal
      Benjamin Frey
      Su Friedrich & Cathy Quinlan
      Michael Frumin
      William Gallin
      Samantha Garbers
      Javier Garcia
      Adriana Gerbig & Deepak Chetty
      Carla Gilmer
      Sarah Gilmore
      David Glickman
      Susan Good & Patrick Carmosino
      Clara and Stacy Gould
      Mary Anne and Arthur Gruen
      Brittany Guzinski
      Maggie Halley
      Logan Halley-Winsett
      The Scheinbergs
      Beth Benjamin & Peter Haugen
      Santiago Hernandez
      Shakia Hill
      Tracy Hook
      Barbara Howell
      Chi-Ming Hsieh
      Tarannum Islam
      Ruby Jackson
      Adrian Jimenez
      Judith Justman
      Tony and Sandy Kaddo
      Susan Kelly
      John Kennett
      Nathan Kensinger
      Jan Kirwan
      Ben and Rachael Knight
      John Konwiser
      Karen Kramer
      Ginger Kroll
      Mike Oristian & Ginger Kroll
      Laura Krule
      Natalia Lavric
      Elizabeth Ty Lawsky
      Jay Lesenger
      Michael Lesko
      Susan Lipsky
      Lily Lopez
      Erin Loughran
      Alan & Steve Lovitch
      Shawn & Chrissy
      Kristin Magnuson
      David Mahl
      Joel Margolis
      Daniel Martin, Chris Tonetti and Jesse Perla
      Jessica Mason
      Steven Poliner and Andrea Mauro
      Devin W. McMahon
      Kate McManus
      Janice Mecua
      Robert Menken
      Mitchel Merberg
      Mark Miller
      Juliana Mitchell
      Sidney J. Monroe, in memory of Catherine Monroe
      Alberto Monteverdi
      Daniel A. Heacox & Cara A. Moore
      Robert M. Morris
      Corrina Moucheraud
      Michael Murphy
      Alana Murphy, Christina Rosenberg & Matthew Milikov
      Tamar Rachel Nahmias
      J. Jericho & B. Naylor
      Laura Podolnick & Johanna Beyenbach
      Alexis Susman & Henry Samelson
      Raoul Nolan
      Marc Norman
      Ann O’Connor
      Kate O’Keefe
      Elizabeth Mendoni Olexsak
      Daniel O’Neil
      Janice Payne
      Chelsey Petty
      Lang-Hoan Pham & Vladimir Pucik
      Ralph Phelps
      Nancy Polikoff
      Otto Porrazzo
      Stuart Post
      Victoria Powell
      Hank Press
      Shannon Price
      Taylor Grace Panetta
      Adam and Jackie Reeve
      Nancy Reich
      Anthony Richmond
      Tes Rivera
      Eugene P. Rizzardi Family
      Dorothea Rockburne
      Martha Rothberg
      Nily Rozic
      Nikoleta Rukaj
      Andrew Salo
      Lisa Samols
      Courtney Sandler
      Daniel SanGermano
      J. Sassaman and Julie Gawendo
      Renee and Avram Schriber
      Oliver Selwyn
      Helene Semmel
      Melissa Shaw
      Michael Sheehan
      James Gibbons
      Rebecca Sherer
      Jessica Sheridan
      Nicolaas Smit
      Ryan Smith
      Alice Stevenson & William Smith
      Song Smullen
      Michelle Sokolowski
      Brian Soliwoda and Mike Hollis
      ATA Happy Clam in honor of Mr. Michael Stango
      John Steger
      Judy & Reuben Stern
      Anna Sternoff
      Naomi Strauss
      Debra Sturm
      Maureen Stutzman
      Sigurd Sveen
      Elizabeth Tarnok
      Phebe Taylor
      Sandy Torres
      Eddie Towson
      KC Trommer
      Linda Urgo
      Prashant Vaishnava
      Julia R. Van Haaften
      Nona Ventry
      Melissa Vieux
      Joshua Wakesberg
      Katherine Walker
      Catherine M. Walter
      Caleb Michael Waxman
      Sara Weston
      Ashley Williams
      Ryan Wilson
      Emily Wolahan
      Richard Gamble and Gracie Wright
      Bay Yannantuono
      Kenny and Katherine Young
      Marlene Zaslavsky
      John Zeman
      Leo and Alice 1980+
      Brandon Zwagerman
      Erica A. Zwick


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