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    • Families

    • The Queens Museum offers weekly Drop-in Family Art Workshops on Sundays from 1:30 pm-4:30 pm that are free with museum admission. No advance registration is necessary. Please just make sure you check our events page before you come. Family workshops take place in one of our art studios and different locations throughout the museum each week, just ask our admissions desk where to go.

      These fun, educational workshops invite children ages 2-12 and their adult companions to take part in a shared learning experience that take visitors into our galleries and art studios. Activities offer families the opportunity to reflect on the artworks presented in Museum exhibitions as they work collaboratively to create unique works of their own with a variety of different materials. The art projects are as wildly diverse as the Queens Museum’s dynamic permanent and changing exhibitions. From building monsters to designing city blocks to making puppets, the art works are created by adults and children together under the guidance of skilled and caring teaching artists and a team of youth assistants from our Queens Teens program.

      Family Art Workshops accommodate diverse learners and are accessible to families with children with special needs and English Language Learners. For more information about Family Art Workshops at the Queens Museum please contact Cata Elisabeth, Manager, Family and After School Programs at 718.592.9700 x137 or

      • On the third Sunday of each month, we offer art workshops led by licensed art-therapists, geared particularly toward families with special needs children, including those on the autism spectrum. The first of these workshops will be held in October 2017.
      • All family artmaking workshops are drop-in, except where stated.
      • Storytelling sessions run for 15 mins and begin at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm.
      • Dance workshops run on selected dates for 45 mins at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm. Please check the calendar below for dance workshop dates.

      August 2017 Sunday Family Programs, 1:30-4:30pm

      August 6: Tiffany Glass
      After an exploration of Tiffany Lamps in the Neustadt Gallery, Families will design and create their own stained glass windows, using colored cellophane.

      Storytelling: Who was Tiffany? How is glass made? Find out as we read about history and science. Ages 2 and up.

      August 13: Make Birds, Fishes and Jaguars Glow
      Nazca lines are ancient, giant deigns in the Nazca Desert in Peru that can take the shape of animals like jaguars, snakes and birds. Come create your own landscape then draw Nazca lines that glow in the dark. Before the workshop, get inspired by Queens Museum artist Ronny Quevedo’s work, no hay medio tiempo/ there is no half time (After Glissant and Quevedo) in the Museum’s skylight-lit atrium. Quevedo drew his Nazca lines on the landscape of a football field.

      Storytelling: Come hear stories about gods and mythical creatures from South American folklore. Spanish and English. Ages 2 and up.

      August 20: Planes and Propellers
      Can art fly? In celebration of World Aviation Day, use paper, rubber bands and a little engineering to create objects that will literally fly off the table.

      Storytelling: All stories feature planes, helicopters and other flying things. Spanish and English. Ages 2 and up.

      August 27: Message in a Bottle
      Is there a fantasy location you’d like to visit? Create 3-D fantasy landscape scenes, using recycled plastic bottles and paper.

      Storytelling: Listen to adventurous tales about pirates, treasure and messages in bottles. Spanish and English. Ages 2 and up.

      Look ahead to September 2017 Sunday Family Programs, 1:30-4:30pm

      September 17: Buildings of the Future
      Get inspired by Queens Museum exhibition, Never Built New York, an exhibition about fantastic buildings that were never built in New York. Then use your inspiration to create your own building of the future. Ages 4 and up.

      Storytelling: These tales are all about skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Spanish and English. Ages 2 and up.

      September 24: Let’s Make Art Together
      Come enjoy a hands-on art making workshop led by licensed art therapists.

      Guided and Silent Reading: Enjoy guided and silent reading on a variety of topics and for various learning preferences. Ages 5 to 12.

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