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    • From the Director

    • January 2017

      Dear Queens Museum Family,

      As I embark on my third year at the Queens Museum, I marvel at the capacity of this institution to reflect the needs of our times. The Queens Museum is a public museum embedded in a public park, and in two years we will also host a Queens public library within our walls. This nesting of democratic institutions could not be a stronger way to nurture a commons for art, ideas, and participation. We are also embedded, in every way, in one of the most diverse geographies on the planet. With more than 165 languages spoken, Queens includes people from the world over, making all of our hyper-local work intrinsically international.

      In this very specific context, we hold an important set of values close to our hearts. The following is a statement of these values that I am certain we will turn to time and again over the coming years:

      The Queens Museum asserts a deep commitment to freedom of expression, and intentionally supports and celebrates difference and multiplicity as fundamental to our collective liberation. We believe that art can shift the ways in which we experience our world, and therefore art, artists, and cultural institutions have a powerful role to play in society.

      Therefore, the Queens Museum:

      • advocates for art as a tool for positive social change, critical thinking, discussion and debate, discovery and imagination, and to make visible multiple histories and realities;

      • supports and initiates projects and programs that are inspired by actively listening to the needs and aspirations of the communities we serve and consider to be our valued partners;

      • works to engender respect for a diversity of cultures, broaden access to ideas and art, and connect the public to opportunities for civic agency;

      • uses our resources—human, financial, environmental, and beyond—to create greater equity, inclusiveness, and sustainability, both within our institution and in the broader society.

      As the world shifts around us, art can help us see a diversity of ways forward. I hope you will join us at the Queens Museum as we explore culture together through exhibitions, special projects, community and education initiatives, public programming, and other great fun.

      See you at the Museum!

      All my very best,
      Laura Raicovich
      President and Executive Director


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