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Museum Explorers Club “Travels” to Madrid!

MEC create their own parks at the High Line

On January 12, 2013, the Museum Explorers Club toured the el Museo ICO, in Madrid Spain. How? Virtually, of course! On select Saturdays, ArtAccess hosts the very popular Museum Explorers Club (MEC), a program for families affected by autism. During the program, families learn how to make the most of the educational and social opportunities available through the museum. A typical MEC includes visiting the galleries, art making workshops in the studio, sharing and a dance party. Families have followed [read more...]

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QMA and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: Joining Forces to Serve All Visitors


As part of our Autism Initiatives, Michelle Lopez and I have worked to share ArtAccess approaches with partnering institutions and in doing so, continue to be impressed with the museum community’s great intentions to share resources to improve programs for all visitors. Our most recent trip was to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. We were invited to the Intrepid to observe school programs with the hope to collaborate to create a “museum super tour.” Miranda Appelbaum, the Manager [read more...]

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Creative Expressions in Open Studio


The Open Studio sessions are an open space for adults with special needs to use any material they like to create artwork based on their interests and inspirations. Some artists explore media, color and movements while others do heavily researched work with multiple step planning and execution that takes several sessions. Open studio participants come from diverse populations. Some live independently, some have a family member, friend or life coach that accompanies them, and others come from group homes with [read more...]

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Adapting The Masala Bhangra Workout for Families Affected by Autism: Bollywood Stars in the Making

masala bhangra class 1 mitchell linden_Page_1

Written by Roshani Thakore. Roshani is The Masala Bhangara Workout instructor with the Queens Museum of Art. I haven’t been teaching that long. My students are fitness enthusiasts or dancers and my classroom is usually in a gym. But I have always been an avid learner and was thrilled at the opportunity to work with the innovative, dedicated, and passionate leaders of the ArtAccess Program to share The Masala Bhangra Workout with families affected by autism. The Masala Bhangra Workout [read more...]

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Open Letter from an ArtAccess Parent

Open Letter from an ArtsAccess Parent

When designing programs for families affected by autism, Michelle and I drew on our relationships with families we supported in the home, as therapists. We learned that it was important to provide opportunities for the entire family to make a memory in the community, while benefiting from the resources available in the museum. In Museum Explorers Club, the entire family as learning partners. Also, it was clear that parents could easily loose themselves in the diagnosis, and often felt guilty [read more...]

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Adapting Story Time for Kids with Autism


Post co-authored by Jennifer Oppito-Candiano, Associate Coordinator of ArtAccess and Autism Initiatives. Last week, we worked with Adrienne Hawthorne, Children’s Librarian of Queens Library’s Rosedale branch to create universal design adaptations for their Picture Book Time series. To adapt the programming for kids with autism, we drafted a set of Rules and Schedules for her story time to help ease the child by providing predictability and support for positive behavior. Positive Behavior Support is a researched-based educational strategy where the [read more...]

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