Open Studio at the Queens Museum of Art


 The Open Studio was started as a part of ArtAccess six years ago by Donnielle Rome who while working with adult clients with special needs in residential homes noticed that they weren’t doing much on the weekends.  The Open Studio was created in order to help create an opportunity for adults with special needs to explore themselves as artists.  The program also invites their families to participate, further helping to create a kind of second home for the participants.

Under the guidance of Sarah Pousty, beautiful working art studios were created and the program has really grown and blossomed into what it is today.  Every other Sunday (except in the summer months) there are two forty-five minute sessions.  Open Studios are held about twice a month and are coordinated with other exhibits and events going on at the museum.

Every August, there is a culmination exhibit held in the Partnership Gallery where all participants are able to display the work they have created in the past year. 

Here is more about the Open Studio participants and the upcoming show from Sarah:

The group is truly amazing and since many of the participants have been together for several years the group has developed a strong support network where people really encourage each others’ process. The sessions are an open space for participants to use whatever materials are in the studio to create artwork that explores their individual interests. Some participating artists focus on spontaneous artworks exploring color or movement while others do heavily researched work with planning sketches and careful execution taking months to complete one piece. The show really highlights this range and personal style of the participating artists. This year’s show is titled Inspirations.  The group developed the theme, and the idea behind it is that many participants want to show where they gather their inspiration from for their artwork.  So some have given in personal photos, magazine clippings, computer images while others have incorporated the theme into the work itself.



Inspirations will be held on Sunday, August 8th, from 1-3:00 PM.